Terrell Suggs Tells Skip Bayless He's "Graduated From Douchebag To Dirtbag" In First Take's ESPN Debut

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Last year, Terrell Suggs called Skip Bayless a douchebag, a great TV moment that made up for what it lacked in verbal majesty with a certain frankness of expression. Today, First Take debuted its new half-hour live edition for ESPN. Apparently the suits in Bristol are so worked up about the show after the Rob Parker mess that they decided to give it an even more prominent place on the flagship station. So what did producer Jamie Horowitz and gang set up for the first afternoon edition on ESPN? They got Suggs, now a Super Bowl champ, back on the show to say "douchebag" again, only now in a winking "we're all friends here" sort of way that left us with, shall we say, an unfresh feeling.