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Terrelle Pryor On Adam Jones Calling Him Garbage: "It Was An Accurate Statement"

Terrelle Pryor is the only good thing about the 0-13 Browns, and he probably deserves better than getting mercilessly shit-talked by an asshole like Adam Jones. Pryor wasn’t around after last Sunday’s game to respond to Jones’s repeated declarations that Pryor is “garbage,” but he finally got around to it while talking to reporters yesterday.

In the video above, a surprisingly chipper Pryor talks about how he deals with trash talk from players like Jones. The highlight comes at the end, when Pryor says, flatly and honestly, “He had the right, I was garbage that day. I had one catch, three yards. He was right. It was an accurate statement.”


I can only assume that Pryor went into a locked room and screamed into a pillow for 15 minutes after finishing his interview.


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