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Terrible Defensive Shortstop Miguel Tejada Is Angry At San Francisco Media For Writing About His Terrible Defense

So the Giants acquired Proven October Shortstop™ Orlando Cabrera from Cleveland yesterday, because their GM, Brian Sabean, is a veteran-loving fool who doesn't have eyes, apparently.

In any event, the Cabrera trade was cause for consternation from Miguel Tejada, the team's 37-year-old infielder extraordinaire, who's played subpar defense for San Francisco this year. His UZR/150, -16, is the worst of his career. Does Tejada blame injuries or age for his decline?


Not exactly. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the media's to blame:

Across the clubhouse, Miguel Tejada was fuming, but not that the team traded for another shortstop. He was angry with San Francisco reporters for questioning his defense. Apparently there are no mirrors in Cincinnati for him to look into.

"All the reporters in San Francisco forget who I am," Tejada said. "All the reporters put in the paper that I don't have range in this game. I'll prove it. I don't pay attention to what reporters say. All I do is work hard.

"If they want me here, fine. If they don't, I don't really worry about it. I just try to do my job."

Poorly, though.

Tejada is angry, but not at whom you would think [SF Chronicle, via HBT]


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