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Terrible Paper Delivery Guy Caught In The Act

Reader John emailed us some video he shot of his parents' paper delivery guy in action and he is just the worst at delivering the paper. He is so bad that John trailed and filmed him for three minutes just to prove it.

We edited the clip down some, so here's a little more context from John:

In the video, you will see that he is delivering our paper at 11:30 am on Sunday. I was leaving the gas station and just happened to be behind him and decided to start shooting video. I clearly show the time on the video to prove I am not making the time up. How he delivers my parents paper is priceless. He has been constantly late and never puts the paper in the box attached to the mailbox.


I get the weekend paper delivered and no matter how early I get up, it is right there, on the steps in plastic wrapping. 11:30 is really late to just be getting the paper. By 11:30, you should be thinking about what you're going to do for lunch, and who wants to read the paper with lunch? No one.

The delivery method is exactly what you would expect, too: he tosses it over the car in the direction of the house, with various sections scattering all over the place. He could use some work on his technique.

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