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Details are starting to drip out surrounding the alleged serial druggings and rapes that former NFL player Darren Sharper stands accused of. Testimony given yesterday at a hearing for one of Sharper's co-defendants sheds light on their alleged use of drugged cocktails, and hints that Sharper wasn't the only NFL player in on it.

Sharper is facing both state and federal charges in Louisiana, and it's in that latter case that an FBI agent testified yesterday about questioning former sheriff's deputy Brandon Licciardi, who is charged with distributing drugs and witness tampering.

Licciardi told investigators he went to a convention in Las Vegas attended by NFL players, and a player warned Licciardi that drinks had been spiked with drugs, FBI Special Agent Robert Blythe testified. Questioned by Licciardi's lawyer, Ralph Capitelli, Blythe declined to name the player Licciardi mentioned, or other NFL players at the convention.

Blythe said he might not recall the name correctly. "It's possible I could mess it up. There are a couple (names)," Blythe said.


And what did those other NFL players call the drinks mixed with a "substance," Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Miller asked Blythe.

"I believe Mr. Licciardi called it 'horny juice,'" Blythe replied.

Licciardi was concerned that investigators might find incriminating text messages on his phone, Blythe testified, including a message in which Sharper allegedly referred to drugging a victim.

"She's on the potion. She's ready," Sharper wrote in a text, Blythe said.

A different FBI agent testified that Licciardi worked for a bookie and recruited Sharper, who bet large sums on sports, including NFL games.


Sharper currently faces charges in Louisiana, California, and Arizona, and an investigation into similar claims in Nevada is ongoing.


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