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Texas A&M Aggies

1. Texas A&M Has No Cheerleaders. The Aggie Dictionary will inform you that the school has no cheerleaders, but they do have a dance team, none of whom are particularly good looking.

2. The Coach Is Dull. Head coach Billy Gillispie has his own Web site, where you can learn such things as "Billy Gillispie's website is the most boring, useless place on Earth."

3. The Elephant Walk. By consulting the Aggie Dictionary again, we learned that graduating A&M seniors do something called The Elephant Walk:

"Marks the transition of the graduating senior class handing down its role as leaders to the incoming senior class. The seniors wander through campus like old elephants that leave the herd to die. The seniors usefulness to the student body "dies" the day of Elephant Walk."

At Ohio State, where we went, people just got drunk. But then, we only made it to second quarter of freshman year, and our biggest accomplishment was throwing a mattress off the roof of our fraternity house. — The Cavalier


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