Kyle Field got some interesting additions in the offseason. Maybe you thought that Texas A&M only had one national title, because they do. But the Aggies decided to add two more, and two conference championships on top of that. How'd they do it? A little creative accounting.

Since there are about 37 different ways to measure national titles, A&M was able to find two years in which at least one organization named them champs—even if they were both computer-based, retroactive polls done in the 1980s. And for the conference titles, they're technically allowed to count the years they finished first (or tied for first) in the Big 12 South, even if, on one of those occasions, they didn't even play in the conference title game.

Well, consider this a move toward openness. A reader was at the game on Saturday, and noticed something new on the wall outside the stadium. Under the two added conference championships, in small print, the qualifier "South Division." Which is code for "these don't count. Here are a couple more photos:


The reader notes that the text appears to be of the "peel and stick" variety. You'd think the program that's planning a $425 million stadium renovation could afford to announce its inferiority complex a little more forcefully.