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Texas A&M's Head Football Coach Applauds Cancellation Of "White Lives Matter" Rally

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty
Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty

Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp this week put the kibosh on a planned “White Lives Matter” event reportedly scheduled at the university by Preston Wiginton, a former A&M student and apparent white supremacist. That decision was met with praise today by A&M’s head football coach, Kevin Sumlin:

“I was thankful, and very, very proud of Chancellor Sharp and our President to put an end to it. And that’s the only way that I can put it, you know, without just going in depth about it. But leadership like that, you know, that’s when leadership comes to the front, and our leadership did that. We’ve talked about it as a team, too, and our appreciation for our leadership, to step in in this situation is big. It’s big from the players, it’s big from our coaching staff, it’s big from everybody.”

Sharp cited “major security risks” as justification for canceling the event, in the wake of the violent white nationalist gathering in Charlottesville. It was that Charlottesville event that reportedly inspired Wiginton to stage his own white nationalist event at A&M. The “White Lives Matter” rally was planned for September 11 and reportedly was to feature white-supremacist shithead Richard Spencer, before the university’s administration stepped in and disallowed it.

A group of A&M students planned a “BTHO Hate” (Beat The Hell Outta Hate) counter-protest for the September 11 date, and according to The Battalion that counter-protest will now become a rally, opposing white supremacy and MAGA-style nationalism. But the school’s actions haven’t totally deterred their former student’s quest to invade with a pack of Neo-Nazi chuds: Wiginton is apparently still planning a white supremacy march down a street that crosses through A&M’s campus. BTHO Hate organizers are reportedly taking a page from Wunsiedel, the German town that famously rid itself of Neo-Nazi demonstrations by co-opting the marches as fundraising opportunities for anti-hate groups:

In a press release, Key announced that after the cancellation of the white lives matter rally, Wiginton was planning a march through a public street that goes through campus. The BTHO Hate organizers are asking for supporters to pledge a dollar amount for every foot the white supremacists march through campus.


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