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Two Dallas-area pumpkins have caused a stir over their costume choices for local Halloween contests. The pumpkins, one from Irving-based 21st Century Dental (left) and the other a part of the Dawson & Sodd law firm in Corsicana (right), showed up to a statewide "pumpkin contest" dressed in the offending attire. One concerned reader shocked by the thoughtless attire said "Ron Washington pumpkin.. colored.. nose.. and lips??" via email.

A source close to the pumpkin at 21st Century Dental said that it's "not really insensitive. It started as a fun contest where you could paint a pumpkin whatever you wanted. Ron Washington is a beloved figure in Northern Texas."


At Dawson & Sodd, a source close to the pumpkin asked if Deadspin was pulling her leg. We indicated that we were not. When we suggested that people could see the pumpkins as insensitive, she said, "I sure hope not. We think he's a really neat guy. ... The thought never crossed our mind." But Texas has a long, tortured past of racism, which has ensnared leading pumpkins throughout the state's history.

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, Dawson & Sodd's pumpkin "[will] not last forever anyway, but will remain in place for a while, win or lose tonight."

21st Century Dental's pumpkin refused to guarantee victory in tonight's game, but, according to a source, will "keep trying for next year."

The pumpkins had no comment.

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