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Texas Waits For Final Minute To Eat Ohio State's Soul

So I guess anyone who thought the Fiesta Bowl was a giant made-to-order bowl of Buckeye Soup (ahem) had another thing coming. Hey, when you're right 52% of the time ...


The untrustworthy Buckeyes seemed ripe for another BCS bowl stomping, but their two-quarterback game plan, an excitable Beanie Wells, and some aggressive defense turned the Fiesta into arguably the best bowl of the season. (Just imagine if Terrell Pryor ever learns how to play quarterback. Yikes, he's sneaky.) The bad news, of course, is that instead of having their hearts crushed in the first 10 minutes, Texas patiently waited until the last possible moment before ripping the Buckeye's collective pumper out of their chest and showing it to them while still beating. The boys from Columbus acquitted themselves admirably but a few two many mistakes—and an untimely concussion to Wells—did them in in the end.

Meanwhile, Longhorn Quan Cosby flizzum-flazzumed his way through the secondary for 173 yards and a dagger of a touchdown with 16 seconds left in the fourth. His Crabtree-esque heroics were not unlike the fateful play that cost Texas a shot at the national title that they clearly don't deserve. Seriously ... great comeback, but does anyone really think this team beats Florida? Or even Oklahoma again?


What? It's not like I've been wrong before.


Oh, by the way. The real MVP? Freshman Luke Poehlmann's hairdresser.

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