Bryan sends along this old Heisman promo for the great Texas running back Eric Metcalf, with music by the less-than-great Alabama band Alabama. The choice of song leaves it unclear if the video is asking for your vote or your pants.

For you kids out there, Alabama was a terrible '80s-era country band whose music was always playing softly in Shell stations. It was basically cracker doo-wop, and the band quite literally gave a bad name to the state that gave us Muscle Shoals. Anyway, the song in the above video, if you couldn't gather from the lyrics, is called "You've Got the Touch." This is the first verse:

Lyin' beside you watching you sleepin'
After you've loved me so tenderly
I'm searchin' for some way to tell you
How good it felt when I held you
There's so many ways you get to me

There has to be an NCAA violation somewhere in there.

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