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Thank You For Donating $141 Toward Ryan Lochte's Alleged Cock Shot. We Will Not Be Purchasing Ryan Lochte's Alleged Cock Shot.


Yesterday, we asked you an important question: How badly did you want to see Ryan Lochte's alleged cock? A photo had been offered to us. We had looked it over, and before launching negotiations with our source, we decided to gauge your interest in the photo first, via an Indiegogo pledge drive. Eleven of you contributed. You raised $141, just $4,859 short of our goal. Thank you, Deadspin readers!


Alas, we've been informed by the exceedingly kind and patient people at Indiegogo that our Cockstarter campaign violated the site's terms of service. Indiegogo is now in the process of returning contributions to our donors.

What does this mean for Lochte's (alleged) hanging, curving cock? Well, we are in the same position as we were before. We cannot verify that the photo is indeed of Lochte, nor can we determine the identity of the ex-girlfriend to whom the photo was originally sent. What we have here is a low-res, fourth-hand cock of indeterminate origin and apparently minimal interest. As a result, we have decided that we will not be purchasing the cock from our source, though we reserve the right to reconsider should new information emerge.


Thank you to all who contributed, and thank you to Indiegogo for hosting our Cockstarter, however briefly.

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