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Thankfully, Nyjer Morgan Has Continued Giving Postgame Interviews In Character

Yes, the Brewers have won seven in a row and opened up moderate leads on not-good-enough St. Louis and really-not-good-enough Pittsburgh, but that success isn't the most exciting thing in Milwaukee baseball. Nor is Prince Fielder's contract year or John Axford's mustache or the Yuniesky Betancourt experience. Rather, it's Nyjer Morgan and/or Tony Plush, Morgan's other persona, who's already given us a splendid postgame interview and a kite-flying escapade.


And after last night's 6-2 win over St. Louis, Morgan, who drove in three runs with a double off Chris Carpenter, spoke to Fox Sports Wisconsin as Tony Gumbo, an alter ego of his alter ego. (UPDATE: Some clever readers have suggested it's Tony Gumbel, lost brother of Bryant and Greg? Maybe.) He says he used his Plushdamentals to tickle the ball into center field, which should make you feel all fuzzy and weird inside. He does all this while adopting a tax attorney's affectation. Then he gives the camera a cockeyed glare. Pause for the interviewer to ask the television-interviewer-y questions, and for Morgan to give the television-interview-y-responses. Then one more question, and Nyjer screams. Stay plush, sir.

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