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Thanks For The Help, Now Get Out

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Last night in Oakland, the Oakland A's Booster club hoisted — great word, hoist — an American flag in center field for the Game One pregame ceremonies. We did not see the pregame ceremonies, but we're sure it was as patriotic as any of those hippies in Oakland can get.

Anyway, we've always wondered about the people on the field during pregame ceremonies. Specifically, we've wondered where their seats are during the game. Is someone just holding them? Are they in a club box? Do they get to hang out in the bullpen?


Turns out ... they don't get to watch the game at all. In fact, after last night's game, the A's were looking for volunteers to hold the flag and then get the hell out of the stadium.

You see, maybe if they wouldn't have gotten rid of that upper deck, they might have seats for people who hold the damned flag.

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