That Astonishing Raiders-Bills Game Had Its Heidi Moment

Raise your hand if you thought Oakland and Buffalo would put on the most entertaining game of the week, and then put your hand down, you liar. But parity, and unpredictability, and any given Sunday and all that, and there it was: a high-scoring, relatively clean thriller with two teams looking to stay undefeated. An unexpected bonus for football fans, it came down to the final seconds. Unfortunately for some, it came down to the final seconds.


For Dave in Los Angeles, who sent this video in, plus many others around the country, CBS had to cut away from the ending with the Bills two plays away from their game-winning touchdown. Such is the arcane and unquestioning logic of broadcast area rules, but I can't help but think that Angelenos like Dave are more likely to have Raiders loyalties than a rooting interest in the Chargers/Patriots tilt that CBS switched over to.

So we post this video not to blast the NFL or the networks for broadcast rules that will never change, but just to commiserate. "The NFL eats my smelly asshole," Dave put in his subject line. We know the feeling of helplessly being sent from an exciting finish to an anticlimactic kickoff. We've all been there.