That Derek Jeter Screencap, With Every Number Being Two, Is Fake

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You might have seen this Derek Jeter photo somewhere on the internet today. Wow, look at all those twos! The baseball gods made it so, #R2p2ct, etc. Unfortunately, it's fake, and the guy who made it feels bad for fooling you.

That perfect combination didn't actually happen in last night's game; Samuel Lam spliced the above photo with two other moments. From his confession:

The constant talking about his number and the hashtag #RE2PECT gave me an idea. So I awaited the top of the second inning and looked at the pitch count. Then I awaited for the actual possibility of the influx of 2s to appear. It never happened. But I wanted it to happen. With all this talk of 2s and how everyone is praising Jeter for all the wrong reasons, I opened up my Photoshop, grabbed some screenshots from the game, then just made it myself.

I didn't think much of it. It was a joke. I was so sure that people watching the game would notice that it was fake since the Orioles didn't get two runners on base in the top of the second inning. But of course, in this day and age of the Internet, people will jump to anything. And look at all those retweets and favorites. That's a lot! Sorry if I deceived you.


A few minutes later, Lam tweeted that the image was fake, but it was too late. He ended up tricking an account called Baseball Douchebag, so I think we can accept his apology.


[Samuel Lam]