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Does that look like Mario Balotelli to you?

Not really right? It is at least close enough that if you walked past him on the street you'd probably think to yourself hey, that guy kinda has a Mario Balotelli look to him, as you continued on your path totally content in the knowledge that you did not actually just see Mario Balotelli. What would Mario Balotelli be doing on your random street, anyway?


Well, this general train of thought ran through British Parliament member Guy Opperman's mind, save the crucial part where you realize that the man you are looking at is obviously not Mario Balotelli. Here are the tweets that set all of this in motion:

People with knowledge and/or common sense eventually confirmed that Mario Balotelli was not wandering around London edifying himself on the nuances of the country's drug laws, but was actually in Liverpool, training.


The press remained interested in getting to the bottom of this, though, so we eventually got some more information:


So there we are. Though black guys with similar skin tones and near-identical haircuts do look alike, they definitely don't look the same, and if you see one at a policy debate, it's probably not Mario Balotelli.


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