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That Soccer Fan Who Punched A Horse Is Sorry He Punched A Horse

Everyone's favorite horse-punching soccer fan is really sorry about being such a horse-puncher. The man you see in the video above has been identified as 45-year-old Barry Rogerson, a Northumberland resident who claims that it was simply drunken panic that caused him punch Bud the police horse, not a violent disposition or hatred of animals.

From the Daily Mail:

Rogerson claimed he was ‘not aware’ of the riots outside the ground in which three police officers were injured and 29 fans arrested.

He said he had his scarf covering his face to keep the cold off a broken filling in a tooth.

He said: ‘We just came out of the Terrace Bar in St James’ Park, we turned right and I was right in the middle of it.

‘This one particular horse was spooked by a firecracker and charged at me. That’s when I panicked and threw a punch at the horse.


Rogerson also tells the Daily Mail that he was five beers deep at the time of the horse-punching, and that his panic may have also been induced by the medication he takes to treat his sarcoidosis. The best quote in the Mail's article, however, belongs to Rogerson's wife:

His wife, a school supervisor, said: ‘It’s not in his character to do anything like that.

‘I let him out by himself once and look what happens. People on the internet who are writing things about him don’t know him. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.’

Sorry, Barry, but it sounds you've been to your last Guys Night Out.

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