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That Taste? It's Veggie Deep Dish

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In the best response we've seen yet to FOX broadcaster Tim McCarver's ultimate foot-in-mouth moment last evening, the mad, depraved geniuses at Yard Work put on their miner's helmets to figure out what, exactly, that taste was in Brad Lidge's mouth that McCarver declared "not there."


You know what? Turns out it was veggie pizza. From Brad Lidge's "Diary Of Dining Delights:"

This was another bad meal in a series of them. I haven t had a truly satisfying lunch in at least a week. Even my soda ($2.95) was lousy. That soda was flatter than a hanging slider on a two-strike count.
The Taste in My Mouth: Schwag.

Brad Lidge's "Diary Of Dining Delights" [Yard Work]
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