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That Time Steph Curry Stepped On Paul Allen's Soul

I don’t care that you probably saw this video in Redford’s write-up, and literally everywhere else on the internet. I want us all to watch it again, because my god:


There are presumably very few things on this earth that can crush the spirit of the world’s 40th-richest human being. Steph Curry’s handle and shot are among them.

Curry’s 17 overtime points were the most ever in an extra frame of a playoff game. And his 40 off the bench was the first time anyone’s done that since Dallas-era Nick Van Exel. But it’s not even the numbers. You had to figure, if Curry was healthy enough to play in a series the Warriors could probably survive without him, he’d be healthy enough to get his shots and to hit them. But last night, especially having had regulation to regain his sea legs, he looked exactly like the Curry of old. That swagger had not missed a step.

Oh, and obligatory:

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