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That Yankees Cologne Is Apparently A Huge Hit

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Remember the Yankees cologne? The one that our fragrance experts described as a "the Justin Bieber of scents?" The one that they also complained was far too expensive. It's a hit. Per Sports Business Daily:

Industry sources said Cloudbreak will sell $12 million to $14 million of the Yankees cologne—$62 for a 3.4-ounce bottle—and the similarly priced "Yankees For Her" perfume by year's end. Cloudbreak Group CEO Tom Butkiewicz would not confirm dollar figures, but said sales were on track to exceed initial projections by an astounding 40 percent.

I still have to expense the $53 I contributed to that eight-figure revenue stream, from Deadspin's research budget. And what's the reason it's so popular?

"More than anything else, this speaks to the power of the Yankees brand," said [Cloudbreak Group CEO Tom] Butkiewicz.


We disagree. It's the scent alone. That's what sold our group of trendsetters:

Axelrod: "Maybe I want to wear this? It smells like bubblegum. It smells like candy! It's smells like your boyfriend's candy or something. As a gay man you're always looking for the new or the next thing, right?"

Who smells profits? MLB does [Sports Business Daily]

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