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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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In one of those little moments that make life with high definition television so much better than life before high definition television, an eagle-eyed reader caught a split-second incident last night, fleeting, that shows just how much the Indianapolis Colts staff loves Tony Dungy.

It's one of those animated GIFs, and it's too large to put on the front page, but it's right here. It features a Colts staffer, watching Dungy strut down the sidelines, stoic, manly, deep in thought. And if you think Dungy is deep in thought, look at his sideline guy. That guy's thinking things that are illegal in half the country, and parts of Pennsylvania.


That, friends, is having the respect of your staff; when they mentally undress you every time you walk past them.

Tony Dungy's Not-So-Secret Admirer [Deadspin]

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