Photo credit: Lisa Blumenfield/Getty Images

Twitter user and four-time All-Star Latrell Sprewell had a request for his 825 followers this evening: He wanted help getting verified. Problem is, this doesn’t seem to actually be Latrell Sprewell.

A bit of background: Sprewell had a verified Twitter account earlier this year, which made a brief flurry of headlines in February. He endorsed Donald Trump one minute after joining Twitter, and spent most of his time interacting with NBA players who played during his tenure in the NBA. For an unknown reason that account was suspended, baffling at least one reporter who had been DMing with him.

A little over a month ago, “Sprewell” opened up his new account:

Almost immediately, celebrities both big and small tripped over themselves to help Sprewell accrue followers. The above tweet was retweeted by Jon Taffer, his wife Nicole (who also has a verified account), and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Faux Sprewell spends most of his time online tweeting pictures at his former NBA contemporaries, such as Rick Fox.

Often, they don’t respond, but sometimes they do:

Taffer is such a big fan, he also manually endorsed him.

Sadly for Taffer and the rest of these eager Spree fans, the real Latrell Sprewell confirmed on Michael Rapaport’s podcast that he is not a Twitter user.

@PJCarlesimo can rest easy.