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The 1998 Baseballs Are Not Here to Talk About the Past

Here's a story that may not have any credibility whatsoever, depending upon your knowledge of the porny sounding " larger rubberized core "and "synthetic rubber rings", allegedly found in baseballs during the 1998 season and, specifically, in Mark McGwire's magical 70th homerun ball.

The suspiciously named company Universal Medical Systems Inc. — with the assistance of Drs. Avrami S. Grader and Dr. Philip M. Halleck from The Center for Quantitative Imaging at Penn State, obviously — took images of 1998 baseballs and after the CT scan concluded that the ball was juiced.


However, MLB COO, Bob DuPuy says that the inside of a baseball hasn't been changed since 1977 and that Drs. Avrami S. Grader and Phillip M. Halleck have apparently stuck their faces under a CT machine one time too often.

"All of our balls are subject to rigorous quality control standards and testing conducted by Rawlings," he said.

Mine too.

Company Claims '98 Baseballs Are Juiced [ABC News]

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