Photo: Rich Schultz/AP

The 2018 Lacrosse All-Name Team, courtesy of Inside Lacrosse, is here, and there’s an incredibly deep batch of newcomers. The male freshmen include Michigan’s Dar Sleeper, Notre Dame’s Wheaton Jackoboice, Washington College’s Burke McFillin, and Bryant University’s Taggart Eymer. But the women are stronger.

For freshmen, there’s George Mason’s Holliston Wagner, Cal’s Lizabanks Campagna, New Hampshire’s Bizzy Blanding, and North Carolina’s Scottie Rose Growney. The upperclassmen are just as formidable: Butler’s Journey Fischbeck and Penn State’s Delaney Muldoon are excellent, along with the return of Duke senior Oralee Hespenheide.


The men’s list has its moments, too. The Stanwicks are once again represented by Johns Hopkins senior Shackleford Stanwick. Roanoke senior IV Stucker is also back. Amherst College has the powerful duo of junior Gab Goncalves and freshman Gib Versfeld, though they only made the third team. As always, the full list is so much better.

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