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The 49ers Have Many Ways To Make You Hurl

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Oh 49ers, what have you gotten yourselves into now? It seems that in order for the team to acquire the land that it needs for a proposed new stadium in Santa Clara, the 49ers would have to purchase and operate the Great America Amusement Park, which is next to the site. And what's more, the team is seriously considering doing just that. Hey dad, I'm pretty sure that was Trent Dilfer who served us our corn dogs!

The 49ers went public Tuesday night with word that Cedar Fair had approached the team with an offer to sell Great America, and that the 49ers would entertain the idea as a way to secure more parking for the stadium. Team spokeswoman Lisa Lang disputed the argument that Great America and a new stadium would clash. She said the team plans to keep the park open if it buys the park.


Taking on a major theme park with 20 different rides — including seven roller coasters — and hundreds of employees? I see no way that this could go wrong. Offensive coordinator Jim Hostler could run it!

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