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The 49ers, Wacky Mustaches, David Letterman And You

The 49ers and Raiders have had pretty horrific seasons, but the Bay Area franchises couldn't be handling their lack of success more differently.

While Al Davis burns holes through walls with the power of his menacing glare, the atmosphere just across the Bay is totally different. Despite their 6-9 record, its nonstop chuckles with the 49ers. Proof? How about their final game on Sunday, when the team will not only be wearing throwback uniforms, but also throwback mustaches.

"Every day we go to meetings and we go by these beautiful pictures and we admire these guys' mustaches on the wall," quarterback Shaun Hill said of framed portraits of former mustachioed 49ers, including John Ayers, Randy Cross and even Jerry Rice. While the venture seems like a light-hearted end-of-season gag, it folds nicely into the family-building theme coach Mike Singletary has been preaching since he became the interim coach.


Former head coach Mike Nolan used to give the players Monday off following a win. Singletary has done away with that, preferring that they get together, discuss the game and, well, grow facial hair. His theory is that the team which grows mustaches together stays together.

Is there anyone who doubts that Singletary has a great shot at being asked to stick around as head coach next season? One reason for that, oddly enough, could be David Letterman. The Late Show has three times featured a bizarre skit in which Letterman interviews a faux Mike Singletary by remote TV, the latest one occurring last night. The bit has become so popular, in fact, that they've already taped another one, which is going to air on Friday. An audience member who was at the taping gave us the word.

Singletary has seen the first one, according to the Chronicle, and didn't quite know what to make of it. "I want to see the next two before I say anything," he said.


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