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We love the ABA. In case you weren't sure they were still around, the ABA is a fledgling pro hoops league, with 50 scattered teams with names like the Bellingham Slam, the Northeast Pennsylvania Breakers and, our favorite, the Reigning Knights of Georgia. The league is scrappy, goofy and even uses the red and white basketballs. (Plus, former NBAer Tree Rollins is a coach.) Last week, the publicity-happy ABA challenged the NBA to a benefit game for Katrina relief; shockingly, the NBA has yet to respond.

But one group that did? The brand-spanking-new — and pretty great — hoops blog YAYsports! rose to the occasion, accepting the challenge. And ABA commissioner Joe Newman is even considering taking them up on it:

Thanks for the email and the offer. We haven't heard from the NBA but we did hear from the national jockey's association, the Lawrence Welk Foundation and you about playing the exhibition game if the NBA didn't do it. All three are under consideration. We've been offered the gym at St. Monica's Church, seating capacity 11, for the game. We'll let you know.

Again: We love the ABA.

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