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The AFC Championship Game As Imagined By An Eight-Year-Old Boy

Yes, this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette graphic sums up Sunday's AFC Championship game matchup perfectly (WTF?). Time to worry: That Raven looks totally unaffected by the deadly eye beams. [Best Week Ever]

Fast Times At Mt. Carmel High. Now on sale, copies of Donovan McNabb's senior high school yearbook. Featuring Philadelphia Eagles quarterback in class picture, varsity football, varsity basketball, varsity volleyball and in candids. [First Cuts]


Did You Catch This Comparison? So the Cardinals have a bit of an edge when it comes to receivers, it would seem. [Philadelphia Eagles Examiner]

You Have Not Wasted Your Life I See. Meet Tim Rich, the Baltimore Ravens fan whose entire front yard is decorated in lights as a shrine to the Ravens, including a lighted football field. [Fan IQ]

Keystone Logic. Top 10 reasons why America should root for an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl. 7. Finally, the historic saga of the Phil-Pitt Steagles will be widely known. [Five Tool Tool]


The Arizona Cardinals Bandwagon Placement Test. Score your Arizona Cardinals knowledge. (Not responsible for injuries suffered from being thrown off the Arizona Cardinals bandwagon). [Fanster]

Gotta Support The Team. Father-son Philadelphia Eagles man-breast tattoos. Take that, Communism! [NBCPhiladelphia]


Conan O'Brien Vs. Fox Robot, Round II. Late night host really hates that robot. [Sox & Dawgs]

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