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Who says we don't have clout? Following our blistering indictment of Ray Ratto's new CBS Sportsline column mug yesterday, the site changed it. Ratto's face is now partly visible, where in the first one you could only see his eyes and the top of his head. They still have a way to go, obviously, but this is progress. If Ratto insists on obscuring our vision of his entire face, we suggest the Phantom of the Opera half-mask.

We imagine an angry crowd gathered outside of Sportsline headquarters, demanding that the column mug be changed. Oh, and also that SPiN on Sports (Official Motto: "35 Percent More Backwards Hats, Or Your Money Back") be discontinued. Ratto's newest column, on Terrell Owens, is pretty good, by the way. It is best read with your hand balled into a fist and placed on your left cheek.

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