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The Animal Uprising Claims Pat Summitt

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As a sobering reminder that no humans will be spared when the animal "Order 66" is given, Tennessee Lady Vols head coach Pat Summitt dislocated her shoulder while attempting to chase a raccoon off her back porch on Wednesday.

Summitt had taken her golden Labrador out for a walk when they came back to find the raccoon on the deck at her home.

"I momentarily lost it," Summitt told WBIR-TV. "The raccoon was about to attack. I just knocked it off the deck, and fortunately nothing happened but a dislocated shoulder, and it's back in place."

"When I realized what could have happened, it almost brought me to tears. It wasn't very smart on my part," Summitt said.


Uhhhhh-huh. A little more disclosure of the incident would have been nice, you know, to explain how such an episode leads to a dislocated shoulder. Did she try a flying elbow drop on the raccoon?

I would have said that perhaps she might have been better off letting that dog of hers try to shoo it off, but, as it's been made clear, that animals are clearly working in concert to bring our leaders down one embarrassing incident at a time.