Per ESPN Deportes: "The Oakland Athletics are 'very interested' in making Manny Ramirez their designated hitter next season," a source said. (The source, we'd assume, is a baseball insider named "Bott Scoras," but we digress.) Ramirez appeared in a supremely forgettable 17 at-bats for the Rays last year before he retired because a less forgettable positive drug test posed a potential 100-game suspension. (Manny struck a deal with MLB this offseason, so he'll only miss 50 games if he comes back.) Then he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in September.


But hey, the Rays signed a racist and an alleged rapist, so the A's won't even be the biggest penny-pinching cretin-acquirers of the offseason. Onward!

Source: A's interested in Manny Ramirez [ESPN Deportes]