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The Ball Brothers Must Visit Lithuania's Extremely Metal Devil Museum

This afternoon brought the news that two American teens would move to Lithuania to make little money playing basketball for a mediocre club in front of few people.


An interesting life choice. The team is based in a very tiny village, but it does come with the opportunity to live in nearby Kaunas, a city which by all accounts sounds lovely. When ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reported the news today, he noted the number of restaurants:


Restaurants are a fine selling point for any place, but they should not be the primary selling point for Kaunas, Lithuania. The primary selling point for Kaunas should be the Velnių Muziejus, or Devil’s Museum. It is a collection of 3,000 works of art revolving around the devil.

The museum was founded by Antanas Žmuidzinavičius and began as his personal collection of fine-art depictions of Satan. (Who among us...?) But it has since grown significantly, with people from all across the world coming to bring their own personal devils. One of the museum’s most popular works shows Hitler and Stalin as devils dancing over human bones. A man named Jeff left the collection a review on TripAdvisor earlier this year, saying that it was “a little repetitive, but still worth the effort.” Sounds good!


The city is also home to the Lithuanian Aviation Museum—planes, love ‘em, very neat—and the Kaunas Museum for the Blind, which was Eastern Europe’s first museum designed with every exhibit meant to be experienced primarily through feel, taste, smell or sound.  

The American teens should visit all of the above.

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