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The Ball Went Into The Stands, A Fan Passed It Out To LeBron James, And LeBron Passed It Right Back To The Fan

LeBron James, who is leading the league in PER, plays in a league of two with Kevin Durant when it comes to estimated wins added, and is shooting 56% from the floor, took some time out from walloping the Clippers last night (without Ray Allen or Chris Bosh) to play catch with a fan.

If LeBron said he'd pass the ball back because the fan was considering keeping it, as it seems he did, he's a pretty clever manipulator of confused, possibly drunk fans. Fan interaction: Just another facet of the game in which LeBron is dominating.


Reached for comment by ESPN later in the game, the fan said, "This is the most exciting thing I ever lived in my life."

h/t Ben Chew

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