The Ballad Of The Bored SI Staffer

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We know it goes. You've worked a late night, and your editor — who told this job had all kinds of writing possibilities, that it was Sports Illustrated, before you realized the job was just writing taglines and editing Jenn Sterger's copy — is on your case to do one last photo gallery. You're bleary. You're tired. You just want to go home.

So you come across a photo of Matt Leinart and Nick Lachey that you're supposed to file in the database. God, you just can't ... do ... one ... more. You save the photo ... but you can't help yourself ... so you name it "douche.jpg."


It's a small protest, but still: It's yours. Besides ... no one will ever find out.

Oddball Photos Of The Year [] (Just right click on the picture and go to properties, then read the picture title ... until they change it, anyway.)


(UPDATE: They just changed it to "lachey.jpg." Darn. Here's what it looked like, though, in case you don't believe us. Plus, you can find it here.)