Back in February, the Orioles pissed off an entire baseballing nation with their pursuit of a South Korean high school pitcher. Flaunting Flouting the rules and risking an international incident is probably worth it for a young lefty with great control. Except it didn't go that way. The Korean Baseball Association complained, GM Dan Duquette apologized profusely, and MLB vetoed the signing, sending Kim Seong-Min back home.

So all was back to where it started, no muss, no fuss, right? No, because these are the Orioles. Not only do they not get the pitcher, but the KBA is apparently following through on their threat to ban Baltimore scouts from all amateur games in the country. Daniel Kim, a writer living in South Korea, Tweeted this photo posted outside a stadium today. It seems the Koreans neither forgive nor forget, or even they know it's proper and acceptable to shit on the Orioles.