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Updates Yankee/Cowboy fans come out of the woodwork to defend themselves below...

A Philly Eagles blog had discovered, in the wild, what they declare to be the "worst sports fan in America." Yes, the mythical Yankee/Cowboy fan does exist. The license plate is obscured, so we don't where this creature lives or if he also roots for the Stormtroopers when he watches Star Wars.


If the owner of this truck would like to write in and explain how someone logically becomes a fan of both a Texas football team and a New York baseball team without just being a shameless, opportunistic front-runner, I'm sure we'd all love to hear that story. I bet it's a doozy.

Pic: The worst sports fan in America [Bleeding Green Nation]

UPDATE: Reader Adam (a Yankee and Cowboy fan) writes in to defend himself. You be the totally impartial judge:

I don't own that truck, but I am both a Yankees and Cowboys fan, as well as a Montreal Canadiens fan (but I don't like the NBA enough to have a team). The story of my fan development isn't particularly wacky (to me): I grew up during the late 80s-early 90s in a small town in New York near the border with Quebec. Hockey is the main sport there, and the closest major city is Montreal. My father was never a diehard football fan - he'd have the games playing on Sundays, but he'd root for the underdog most of the time. I was a kid, and I saw Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith and decided that was the team I liked. Been a fan ever since, even though they haven't won anything since I started liking them as a kid. My father doesn't watch baseball, so it was never on in my house. I only started watching it in college with my friends, and I initially picked the Astros as a neutral team to root for because I didn't care to get involved in all of the Yankees vs. Red Sox bullshit, and because they were pretty good at the time. However, as I started to like baseball more and more, I realized that rooting for the Astros while living in New York wasn't worth it, as, unlike with the Cowboys, very few of their games were available for me to watch. My friends in New York post-college are mostly Yankees fans, so a couple years ago, I decided to be one too.

I understand that, at first glance, it may seem like people like me are bandwagon-jumpers, but look at my case: I started liking the Cowboys at the tail end of their dynasty, and have spent most of my life watching them lose. I started liking the Yankees during a time when all the fans had to be excited about was Jason Giambi's mustache. It was circumstance that got me on board with these teams, and that circumstance wasn't winning.


We've got emails from two more dual threats. Are you noticing a pattern?

I also am a Yankee/Cowboy fan. Ill make it short and sweet. My parents were immigrants from Europe, so my Dad was a soccer/boxing fanatic. Growing up in the 70's in Queens NY was tough being ant kind of NY sports fan. Giants/Jets were terrible at that time so it was either Cowboys/Raiders/Dolphins or Steelers. I loved the Cowboys because of the cheerleaders, and they were always on TV, and loved watching them on Thanksgiving, plus they had Staubach, Dorsett, Newhouse, Pearson etc etc etc….those were my boys, and I have been a diehard ever since. Now the Yankees were an easy choice because my first baseball game as achild was a bat day at Yankee stadium in the early 70's. I got Roy Whites bat and I think he hit a HR that day. Also loved Billy Martin, Reggie, Piniella, Murcer, Nettles, Micky Rivers and so on. Also the Mets were really bad back then.

That's about it.

Ed K
Somerset NJ
Formerly of Ridgewood Queens, NYC

I start my defense with the theory that most fans attach to a team in three ways: (1) It's the local team, (2) It's a parent's favorite team or (3) It's a team that just happens to be successful at the time they start watching and understanding the sport.

For me, I became a Cowboys fan as a 8 year old because they were the best team at the time I started watching football and understanding the game. Also, I detested the Buffalo Bills because I couldn't fathom how a team could lose that many Super Bowls in a row. Growing up in Syracuse NY it was fun to mock Bills fans (including most of my family). So, I attached to the team that killed them the worst. Since then, I've stuck with the Cowboys through the last 15 years of Jerry Jones' madness. If I was a bandwagon-jumper I would have jumped to the Eagles like a lot of people I know when they drafted McNabb.

As for the Yankees, they are a local team here and I grew up watching their games on MSG. Also, I became interested in Yankee history at time in 1992, 1993 when they played second fiddle to the Blue Jays. Especially, in Syracuse where the local AAA team was with the Blue Jays. I admit that we got spoiled by 4 out of 5 World Series, but I got to suffer in 2004.

In my opinion your only a bandwagon- jumper if you totally leave your team when another gets good. I've stuck with these two teams in good times and bad. To balance this out I have to suffer through SU Football, and with the exception of 2003, repeated SU Basketball chokes.


A note on "Bandwagons": I propose that picking a team simply because they are the best (even, or especially, if you're new to a sport) is the definition of bandwagonism. However, I will grant that young children make poor decisions—I myself flirted with the Bradshaw-era Steelers before I even understood what that meant—and sticking with that team even when they are terrible is an admirable trait.

That being said, voluntarily choosing to support what are arguably the two most hated teams in sports will never win you sympathy.

Two more. First, the quite reasonable Mike.

A friend of mine forwarded me the article you wrote. I am a Cowboy and Yankee fan. I hear the "you're a bandwagon fan" comment several times a year, all from people who don't know me. My friends and family know that I have been a fan of both my entire life. Here is my story. I was born in New Jersey in 1973. My family are all Yankees and Giants fans. My father was in the Army and we were stationed in Kansas in 1976.

The reason I chose the Yankees is fairly obvious. My family are all die-hard Yankees fans. I remember my grandfather would watch Yankees games on TV while wearing headphones listening to the radio braodcast.

As for my choosing the Cowboys. I think it was a combination of two things. I think while I was living in Kansas, they showed the Cowboys alot. That coupled with the fact they had some pretty hot cheerleaders settled the deal. When I was 4 (1977) I received a Roger Staubach jersey for Christmas. We also moved to Northern Virginia that year, where I have lived ever since.

I remember being the only Cowboys fan in school. I hate Joe Montana to this day for "The Catch". I remember pleading with my mom to let me stay home from school the day after Dallas lost to Washington in the NFC Championship game. I suffered thru Dallas' 1-15 season, only win against the Redskins.

People may say I am bandwagon fan. If being a fan of the Yankees and Cowboys since I started watching sports as a 3-4 year old and being a fan of both ever since makes me a bandwagon fan, then I guess I am.

Just wanted to share my background as to why I am a fan of both.


Then Gino, who is not helping the cause....

In addition to being a lifelong die-hard fan of these two teams, I also root for the North Carolina Tar Heels (Jordan and Carter are my two favorite players) and the Michigan Wolverines (guilty of being the #1 team in the country when I discovered college football at the tender age of 6).

I was born in 1991 and live less than 30 minutes outside of Albany, NY. This is Yankee country, so I don't see why I should even need to defend my love for the team. Granted, my youth ran parallel to the late-90s dynasty, and all I knew at the time was that the Yankees had lots of championships and were about to win a lot more. But I was unaware of the apparent law that I needed to be inherently bitter and reject the all the success of a team that had supplied me with cherished childhood memories.

As for the Cowboys, I was born in a Cowboys home. My dad was born the same year the team was founded, and grew up in a non-English speaking home. In an effort to assimilate into American culture, he rooted for America's Team, which they indisputably were at the time. And what more does a guy want than to find a woman who loves him, start his own successful business with her, and have a son in his own image who he can share his love for his favorite football team with? That's where I came in, and I was fortunate enough to grow up while Dallas was winning 3 Super Bowls in a 4-year period. But by the time I was 5, the winning had come and gone. And yet I have continued to watch and support this team through 3 consecutive 5-11 seasons, pathetic displays of management, and a barrage of late-season collapses.

I finish by saying that I neither want nor need anybody's sympathy for rooting for these teams. Need I remind you that LeBron James, who is inevitably becoming the face of sports, is both a Yankees fan and a Cowboys fan? I'll put my fanhood up against anybody's, and I may be celebrating prematurely here but the sporting world better brace itself for the very real possibility that the Yankees and the Cowboys will once again both be champions at the same time. The Yankees didn't rebuild, they reloaded. And how far can an undrafted QB and an undrafted WR take a team in the playoffs? We shall see.

Very sincerely,
Gino (aka the worst sports fan in America)

You know, I could have taken Gino's side on this if he didn't also admit to backing two different colleges he has no affiliation with that just happened to be among the winningest programs in the history of their sport. Sheesh.


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It's Wednesday. Dibs on the pumpernickel bagel.

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