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The Battle of Big Daddy Balls

One of my favorite parts of any playoff season is when the mayors of the opposing cities playing make silly food-related bets on the game's outcome.

To keep with this tradition, I, A.J. Daulerio, devout follower of all things Philadelphia-related, and Minnesota-centric "editor at large", Drew Magary, have come up with our own personal bet for Sunday's Vikings/Eagles Wildcard playoff game.


Right now, it seems like everyone who doesn't actually play for the Vikings is picking the Eagles to go all rompin', stompin' dynamite on Purple Jesus and crew. But the Eagles bouts of offensive schizophrenia should at least give positive-thinking Minneapoli a glimmer of hope.

If The Vikings win (ha!), here's what happens:

• I will send Drew Magary one pound of Pennsylvania's finest gray meat, Scraople.

• Forced to write one conciliatory "My team sucks" post at KSK

• Dye my pubic hair purple

If the Eagles win, Drew Magary will reward me with:

•A copy of "Blood On the Tracks"


• Write a Cultural Oddsmaker column

•Take a picture of what he thinks may be a nascent third nipple on his body

So everybody wins. Check back Monday for results.

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