The Bears Had Been Holding Onto That Sweet Trick Play For A While

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Let me list all the things I’m aware of from the football game: It was 3-2 at halftime. Sam Bradford broke down again. Mitchell Trubisky apparently looked decent in his NFL debut, even if basically all the other Bears are bad. This fake punt TD pass was pretty cool, though. Drew says his Vike boys won and I’ll take his word for it. But here’s a thing that definitely happened: A fantastic trick play for a two-point conversion.

Follow the ball if you can. (No. 55 for Minnesota, Anthony Barr, could not.)


That’s a handoff to Jordan Howard, who hands off to Zach Miller, who laterals to Trubisky for the easy score to tie the game. The play, drawn up by Dowell Loggains (John Fox couldn’t be this imaginative in his fever dreams), was practiced in training camp and the Bears have just been waiting for the right opportunity to break it out. Trubisky called it “sweet.” It was.

Trubisky had his turnovers, but Chicago is generally pretty happy with his first game. On this play and others, his mobility promises a dimension to the offense they haven’t had in a long time; eight of his 25 pass attempts came from outside the pocket.