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The Bengals Invite Carson Palmer To Retire

Back in January, former No. 1 draft pick Carson Palmer informed the Cincinnati Bengals that he would "contemplate retirement" if ownership refused to honor his request for a trade. At a press conference today, Bengals owner Mike Brown invited him to begin his contemplation:

[Brown] refuses to trade [Palmer] and considers him retired with four years left on a deal thought to be roughly worth $40 million.

"I'm not expecting him to be back," Brown said. "Carson signed a contract. He made a commitment. We have relied on his commitment. We expect him to perform it here. If he doesn't and walks away from his commitment, we aren't going to reward him for doing it."


And so Palmer's stubborn ride will continue — maybe in Cincinnati, maybe in Nashville, or maybe even in a new beachfront property in Florida (he is reportedly "financially secure for the rest of his life"). The Bengals open practice this Saturday in Georgetown, Ky., and rookie Andy Dalton will start behind center as the team looks for "a veteran" to replace their unhappy veteran. It would be a nice twist to an awkward standoff if the new guy also happened to be on the market for a $2.1 million "exceptional home that exudes comfort, character, and privacy." Solarium included.

Brown not retiring about Dalton, won't trade Palmer []

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