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The Best And Brightest Of This Year's Minnesota High School Hockey Hair

Could it be? Is this really the final Minnesota High School All-Hockey Hair Team? John King, the caretaker of this hallowed pantheon, frames this year’s video as the last ever. If this really is the end, at least he made it count. Somehow, New Ulm forward Teagan Kamm’s combination of a bleached mullet, racing stripes, mutton chops, and a neatly trimmed mustache only received an honorable mention. It’s hard to stand out when his entire team has solid flow.

As usual, the competition was stacked, but the No. 3 entry truly spoils us. Yes, there was a Duckson.

I don’t want to question King’s judgment, but the player at the 7:53 mark deserved a top-five spot, easy—maybe top two. Those shaped and dyed mullets are ripe to gawk at, but more points should be awarded when a player’s salad needs minimal product and no interference from a barber.


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