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The Beat-Off, our crowd-sourced effort to determine the very best and the very worst reporters in Major League Baseball, is winding down. We've covered the National League and the AL West. Today, the AL Central.

We've organized the threads by team. Jump in the discussion down below and tell us why your favorite/least-favorite reporter is the best/worst. If you can, try to reply in your team's thread (it keeps things organized!). And don't just give us the name of a reporter. Justify yourself. Remember: Even ballplayers are reading.


The lists below are not exhaustive; the names are there to get the discussion rolling. If we missed someone, do let us know.

And hey, good news: Tomorrow is AL East day.

AL Central: [White Sox] [Indians] [Tigers] [Twins] [Royals]


AL West: [Rangers] [Angels] [A's] [Mariners] [Astros]


NL West: [Dodgers] [Giants] [Diamondbacks] [Rockies] [Padres]


NL Central: [Cubs] [Cards] [Reds] [Pirates] [Brewers]


NL East: [Mets] [Braves] [Phillies] [Nats] [Marlins]

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