Rally 'round the flag, boys—we've got one last edition of the Beat-Off. For the last week, you've helped us identify the best and worst beat reporters for 25 teams in Major League Baseball. Now we conclude with the AL East.

Jump in the discussion down below and tell us why your favorite/least-favorite reporter is the best/worst. We've organized the threads by team. If you can, try to reply in your team's thread (it keeps things organized!). And don't just give us the name of a reporter. Explain yourself.


Once again, you can approach this from any direction. Who writes the best game stories? Who gets the best locker-room stuff? Who's good/awful at tweeting? Who gets scoops without carrying water for Scott Boras or Randy Levine? Who isn't stupid about stats or drugs or Derek Jeter?

The lists below are not exhaustive; the names are there to get the discussion rolling. If we missed someone, do let us know.

AL East: [Yankees] [Red Sox] [Orioles] [Blue Jays] [Rays]


AL Central: [White Sox] [Indians] [Tigers] [Twins] [Royals]

AL West: [Rangers] [Angels] [A's] [Mariners] [Astros]


NL West: [Dodgers] [Giants] [Diamondbacks] [Rockies] [Padres]

NL Central: [Cubs] [Cards] [Reds] [Pirates] [Brewers]


NL East: [Mets] [Braves] [Phillies] [Nats] [Marlins]