Welcome back to Deadspin's Beat-Off, a crowd-sourced effort to determine the best and worst reporters covering Major League Baseball teams. This week, we've covered the NL East and NL Central. Today we'll finish off the senior circuit with the NL West.

We've organized the threads by team. Jump in the discussion down below and tell us why your favorite/least-favorite reporter is the best/worst. If you can, try to reply in your team's thread (it helps keep things organized!). And don't just give us the name of a reporter. Explain your answer, ideally without saying something stupid about "bias." For some examples, check out this conversation about the Nationals (Adam Kilgore of The Washington Post is basically a God, and the Nats' MLB.com reporter is apparently, well, not) or this one about the Cubs. Ian Desmond read your comments aloud in the Washington clubhouse. All players for all 30 teams are encouraged to do the same.

Again: The lists below are not necessarily exhaustive; the names are there to get the discussion rolling. If we missed someone, let us know in the comments.

NL West: [Dodgers] [Giants] [Diamondbacks] [Rockies] [Padres]

NL Central: [Cubs] [Cards] [Reds] [Pirates] [Brewers]

NL East: [Mets] [Braves] [Phillies] [Nats] [Marlins]