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The Best Argument For Eliminating Offensive Pass Interference

Different football (Australian), different rules (as far as we can tell from watching this televised Calvinball that airs on the wee hours on ESPN2, there are no rules). But we're still awestruck by this move that Carlton's Andrew Walker pulled on Saturday night.

"That's the biggest mark I've ever seen," Carlton coach Brett Ratten said. "I said to him at half-time to stay on the ground a bit more because I thought he was flying at everything.

"He looked at me when he came off and said 'Is that OK?' - I said that's OK when you do that."


They're calling it the mark of the year, though Walker has some stiff competition from Collingwood's Andrew Krakouer. Either way, Walker's unintended boost from poor rookie Jake Carlisle has taught Australia a new word: posterized.

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