Photo: Scott Johnson/WJXT

A few months ago, Jacksonville news station WJXT roamed the streets in search of civilian takes on the Jaguars’ draft picks. Reporter Scott Johnson found a woman who was quite confident in her analysis of the team. On Thursday, she made her return to television.

Roberta Montgomery is the one with the Miami beach house that was actually a couple of minutes from the beach. She is the one who believed that the strong Jaguars would “[dramatic pause] steal the show.” She, not the woman who wore jeans and a sweatshirt in the stadium pool, the befuddled schmo on Monday Night Football, or Hamilton Nolan, is the best Jaguars fan:

Johnson has spent the summer looking for Montgomery without success, until one tip led him straight to her and explained why he’d had so much trouble finding her: Montgomery is homeless.


From WJXT:

“I guess I’m more of an entertainer. I’ve come from a family that’s been pretty publicly, or socially, active. So I guess that’s where I get my mouth from,” Montgomery said. “I’m just trying to keep a low profile.”

“Well, you haven’t been doing a good job of keeping a low profile,” Johnson told her.

“Well, I want to do something with it. If there’s something I could do, let me know Jacksonville. I’m proud of Jacksonville,” Montgomery said.


Montgomery had a prediction for the Jaguars’ hopes this season. “I think they’re going to do well,” she said. “I love them. You know, they’re your team. And that’s first and foremost.”


H/t to Caleb