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The Best Names Of The WHL Draft

Pictured: the Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association class of 2017. L-R: Cohner, James, Ethan, Boston, Graham, Kaeden, Alec, Logan, Josh.
Photo: Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association

On an auspicious day for names, the Western Hockey League held its draft for 14- and 15-year-old players. As in past years, the draft board is a revealing look at what parents west of Ontario and west of the Mississippi are naming their kids.

The full draft list is here, but as always, Twitter emcee Adam Herman, of Blueshirt Banter, is here with the important numbers. Like the Aidan/Braden/Braeden/Brayden/Caeden/Hayden/Jaden/Jayden/Kayden breakdown.


Here are my favorite, oh, 18 names.

18. Jaxon Dube

17. Logan Stankoven

16. Kai Uchacz

15. Logan Linklater

14. Zackary Funk

13. Cabrel LaBossiere

12. Mason Beaupit

11. Hughie Hooker

10. Trentyn Crane

9. Tristan Zandee

8. Justin Lies

7. Jaryd Picklyk

6. Dean Spak

5. Conner Roulette

4. Roux Bazin

3. Ean Somoza

2. Dru Krebs

1. Steel Quiring

The NHL is going to feel very weird in a decade or so. Or maybe not, because by then my name will be Aiydyn somehow.

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