MLB Photo Day is the best source for photos of MLB players looking visibly uncomfortable. A small percentage of the players embrace the situation as best as they can, like Nick Swisher. Let’s look at some others.

The Texas Rangers took their photos in front of a distracting, ornate background, so every player looks like he’s posing for an acoustic sessions album cover. Here’s Josh Hamilton:

Luke Hochevar would like to say hello, even if it means ruining Ian Kennedy’s game-face picture:


Justin De Fratus does something similar to Ryan Cook:


Here’s your annual opportunity to stare at Max Scherzer’s heterochromia:

Who dragged Colby Rasmus out of the woods and made him take this photo?


Pablo Sandoval’s thinking about all the fat jokes he’ll receive at Fenway:

Congratulations to Sergio Romo on becoming the second wizard to play in MLB:


Let’s end with a champion. Terrance Gore loves his tiny World Series trophy so much:

Photos: Getty Images

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