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Given the fact that Donald Trump could probably name every host of Fox & Friends in chronological order before he could name one Supreme Court justice he didn’t nominate, it should come as no surprise that our doughboy president chose to weigh in on the video replay controversy at the Kentucky Derby. However, unlike my very good and correct take on the subject, Trump places the blame of what happened to Maximum Security on the evergreen boogeyman for conservatives: political correctness.


This wasn’t the first time he tweeted about the subject on Sunday. His initial attempt at getting this incredible take off came a few hours earlier. The message is exactly the same, but see if you can spot the difference between the two tweets.

It’s great that Trump thinks the good horsey lost on Saturday for the same reason that he’s not allowed to publicly call things “gay” anymore just because he dislikes them. It’s even better that this same brain inside the president’s moist exterior that creates these logical leaps could come up with even the slightest whim to nuke us all to kingdom come, and actually make good on that desire.

I fully expect Maximum Security to be given a Presidential Medal of Freedom within the next week or so.

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