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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled The Bills Are Pro-Choice About JP Losman, Plus More Avery-kkake In A Super-Sized Blogdome

I got two of these today; this is one of those screenshots announcing that Bills quarterback JP Losman...I'm guessing he was in their version of the Wildcat and they needed a way to document that somehow. Either way, it's a damn fine description of the backup quarterback's woes, as his team has lost their way in Canada. Still humerous.


First, thanks for all the Avery links we received today. Here they are:

The Big Jab(second item), Sports Climax, Kurtenberg, Four Habs Fans, Pointless Banter.


• Yes, today was the 67th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing. No, we don't have a joke. [Swampland]

• Was the online poker story on 60 Minutes last week really that bad? [Guinness And Poker]

• Obama should bail out the Detriot Lions...and give their Thanksgiving game to the Steelers [Sports Climax]

• These guys really, REALLY want a playoff. [Barack Obama Bowl]

• Lavaerneus Coles might be the new Chad Johnson [Jets and Mets]

• This Nuggets fan appreciates George Karl. A lot [Denver Stiffs]

• Pro wrestler Steve Bradley is dead at 32 [Sugarmob]

• Woman sues sports bar for getting stuck on a cracked toilet seat [Bob's Blitz]

• 4th And Fail says ESPN ripped off his spinner [4th And Fail]

• Round-by-round coverage of last night's fight [Fly 2 LV]

• Another fight recap here, with the defining image of De La Hoya in his corner [Black Sports Online]


• Did this guy commit fraud against the NHL? 'Bout time somebody did [The Sports Biz Blog]

• Let's not jump the gun on UNC just yet [Rush The Court]

Thanks to everyone that submitted tips this weekend! I hope we got everyone!

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